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Focuses on hot critical needs, getting you fast, workable answers, disaster recovery and emergency services.

A full diagnostic approach to help you determine both the root cause and the relevant solution to your questions.

Allows you to scan all the available solutions in any area, and to determine which of those solutions can have specific benefit for your business.

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Cloud Based U-CLO Security


Our U-CLO servers are not located in any of our offices premises. The servers reside in a secure data facility in secure, natural disaster-controlled environment. Client data is stored on separate servers always and our servers have 24/7 security.

Data Security

Data encryption is used in the U-CLO network, Firewall is used to protect client data in the U-CLO network. Real-time protection is used to protect against malware, viruses, spyware, adware and malicious attacks.

Data Backup & Restoration

U-CLO takes data security and maintenance very seriously. Client data is stored at a data center that receives regular backups, stored on multiple servers, and prepared for severe weather conditions.

Data Restoration

The system is set up, so it is difficult to accidentally delete information. If the information is deleted, it will still appear but with a status of “Deleted.” Therefore, if something was inadvertently deleted, the data can be copied and restored.

Client Backups

Client data is backed up on a regular basis. All data is stored on different servers and backed up daily. Daily backups allows for version control, security and structured data storage in our cloud.

User Backups

In addition to the U-CLO backups, we encourage our clients to regularly export their data. This acts as another backup and for personal records such as invoices, purchase orders and other PDF type of data to avail offline on your working PC’s.